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Copadichromis borleyi " Kadango "


Species information

Species: Copadichromis borleyi " Kadango "


Common name: Haplochromis Booleyi, Kadango Red's, Ref Fin Hap

Origin: Lake Malawi, from Nkhata Bay I Believe

Localities/Morphs: Yellow fin, Kadango Red and Gold

Maximum size: 20-25 cm male 15-20 female

Natural habitat: Shallow to mid depth range

Natural foods/prey: plankton in the wild

Water chemistry in the wild: ph 7.8 - 8.4, KH - 8-10dkh, GH - 8-10 dgh

Predators: none

Brood size: fully grown female up to 40 ( ive never seen that many though )

Sexual dimorphism: males have the colour, females silver/dark silver with the orange fins

Breeding method: usually over a rock

Husbandry requirements

Minimum tank size: 150 litres for a trio, lenght of tank is more important

Sex ratio:1 male to 3-4 females works well

Tolerance of conspecifics: will tolerate another male if the aquarium is big enough.

Tolerance of heterospecifics: goes well with other "haps" or Auloncara Sp.

Water chemistry in aquaria: 8.4PH, 8KH, 12GH

Temperature range:my tank - 27degrees

Foods accepted:Mysis shrimp, Brine Shrimp, Cichlid frozen food, Spectrum cichlid formala. Wont eat hebivore food stufs

Special requirements: none


  • Great fish, breeds often in the rigt conditions.
  • Provide heaps of rocks in the center of tank and leave some open areas for spawing ( with a rock or something for the females to scatter the eggs on )


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