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Signatures and Avatars

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We welcome and encourage the use of signatures, however they need to fall within the following guidelines.

A signature for a Basic or Regular member may consist of:

-A 150x100 non-animated image


-One line of text (30 words max)


-2 hyperlinks to external (pre-approved) websites.

Note: All text should be a normal-sized font and a colour that is easy on the eye.

Our 'Ace Supporters' may use a 200x125 image, as well as text and links as described above.

Obviously we do not allow offensive material on ACE and signatures not meeting any of the above criteria will be removed without notice.

The following will give you an idea of sizing

IPB ImageIPB Image

Signatures which do not fit the above rules will be removed without consultation.

We also welcome the use of Avatars as a way of personalising your account.

Avatars should be less than 15kb and not animated. There's a big range provided with the forum for you to choose from, or you can link to your own if you choose.

Obviously offensive material is not acceptable.

Avatars not meeting these criteria will be removed without consultation.

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