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  1. Ps. Williamsi

    Thanks for that, just sent them an email.
  2. Ps. Williamsi

    Who has them, who's willing to sell me some or who do I talk to in regards to importing some? I've seen the ones in the FS area. Thanks.
  3. My fish

    Hi Ben, Firstly, they are some great looking fish. Rather jealous! In regards to your photography questions. What modes have you been shooting in? I use a 450D myself and find that shooting in manual is best for fish. There are to many photo's to offer advice on each one but some of them are great shots such as the fronts as they are a slow moving fish which allows you to focus easily on them. There are also a few soft photos of some of the Malawi's due to the fact that they are such a fast moving fish. I'll try and track down the settings I used when I kept fish.
  4. Photo Competition

    Any more updates on this? I'd also be willing to give it a shot.
  5. some of my fish

    Nice shots! I agree with Shane. It definately looks like a Red Rubin to me.
  6. new fishroom

    Wow! That's Impressive. How i'd kill to have a setup as big as that let alone a garage that big!
  7. tankmates

    The tank in my opinion is too small for fully grown Featherfins. They need a fair bit of open space so that they can build bowers etc.
  8. Fronts don't need a minimum of a 4x2x2. It all depends on how many you have at what size. I have kept fronts in a standard 4ft before. This is one thing that ticks me off about forums. People assume that there is a rule about everything and that rule is the only correct one. The Diet isnt a major factor either. If you feed them New Life Spectrum mixed in with some Spirulina/Veggie flake you will be fine. What you may find though is because frontosa are shy they may not get as much of the food. I have kept atleast 100 frontosa throughout my time in the hobby and they all have different temperaments. I have had some that are as keen as the Malawi's and will be up at the top of the tank eating. I have had some that will even feed out of your hand and i've also had some that are quite timid and will stay down the bottom and wait for food to drift down to them. Nice tank by the way
  9. Grey List Questions...

    Yipp e, You will find that it is quite easy for the officials to find out whats out there. They actually surf numerous aquatic forums and you never know, Posts like this could alert them of things that are illegal. Not that this one would because they already know about it.
  10. Yes, They have been bred and are quite easy just like most Mbuna. You will probably find that they are both boys. There is absoloutely no chance you can sex Cobalts by their colour. One could be more dominant than the other therefore not showing the greatest colour. BTW, Their Scientific name is Metriaclima Collainos
  11. What fish?

    What a coincidence. That's exactly where I live... You would just want to hope you get the decent side of Narara. Some bits are a bit shabby.
  12. Transporting fish on trains

    Never do you fill the bag up with mostly water. You only want to fill the bag with water so that it covers the fish. You need around 3/4 oxygen to 1/4 water.
  13. Some photos of my new multies

    They are fairly decent shots you have there. What camera are you using?
  14. name this cichlid

    It just isn't fully coloured. What are your parameters and what other fish are in the tank?
  15. name this cichlid

    Yeah, Its a Pseudotropheus Zebra Long Pelvic. Most variants are from "Mdoka"