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  1. Hi Momo,

    Do you have Seachem Cichlid Lake Salt available?



  2. filters

    Can't say I've ever put any thought about this, but will LPH really be affected? Think of it this way, the cannister will be below water level, it is closed loop, won't the "head" be the distance from the top of the tanks water level to to top of the glass tank? I'm sure there will be a slight loss in LPH due to additional length of hosing, but I'm not sure there will be loss due to "head". A sump pump on the other hand will be a different story. As I said, have never thought about the topic until now, but makes sense to me..... Doesn't mean I'm right HTH Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Alternative to a big tank... ?

    Can't see the fish with lid, if you're taking all the lids off, you def do get some water on the floor even after letting as much as possible run off into the tub. 99% of the time, all I do if stack the lids on top of each other, I get zero mess by doing it that way.
  4. Alternative to a big tank... ?

    All self bred except for two... Il send you a pmYour inbox is full buccal
  5. Alternative to a big tank... ?

    Setup covered with suntuf to keep it as warm as possible, tank is a prefilter tank, contains filter wool in the plastic tub, there's also 4x big blocks of marine pure, then sort of a settlement area for debris before overflowing into bio area. Bio area is just a tub from Bunnings, contains about 60l of bio media only. Marinepure spheres, bio home, and some eheim substrate pro. Also has my heaters in there so my rays don't get burnt. Without lids. Water levels low due to water change Some of my grow out Rays
  6. Alternative to a big tank... ?

    Cost $770... Il pm you where along with some seller info I built the wooden stand just like you would for a heavy tank. It sits on a sheet of ply, no foam needed. It stands free, min-zero flex, will be fine as long as on a flat surface. No support needed to stop flex. It is indoors, covered with suntuf sunlite from Bunnings. No idea on evaporation, would be minimal with lids though. Humidity will be case by case dependant on where you put it, mines in a non insulated garage, so not too much of an issue for me. I keep stingrays, currently only half full, no launching issue for me. Il share some photos of it setup when I'm home. It's not setup perfectly to the way I want it, still work in progress, so abit messy, but hopefully it gives you some ideas.
  7. Alternative to a big tank... ?

    fibreglass tub if you don't want to muck around with building it yourself, much cheaper than a glass tank Window can apparently also be incorporated in. This ones approx 240x120x66cm Otherwise aquasonic also have some big tubs with windows I went through the same thing... Let me know if you have any questions.
  8. Help & experience required

    2nd sump set-up for sure!!! as bwah said as big as cant compare the volume of media you can put in a sump compared to a canister. sump is also much better value IMHO, if set-up right maintaining it will be a breeze, just replace pre-filter/dacron every couple of weeks. Major overhaul maybe once every 6months or so. 1xweir is more than enough, no real need for one at each end, put the output at opposite end. You dont even need wet/ matrix sumps, equivalent to a giant canister...... pros: heaters in sump, additional volume, easy to maintain, cons: weir/overflow pipe can be unsightly, noise of the standpipe if not set-up properly. most importantly USE QUALITY MEDIA!
  9. wet/dry filter not going at constant speed

    you should be able to notice, as you would see the water level in the tanks slowly rising, then draining rather quickly. If there were no restrictions and sizes are all adequate, then you should have an even input/output as you've mentioned. Unless your pump goes through bursts and your flow is irregular (never heard of this happening though). is it a single tank set-up? or multiple tanks?
  10. Table Salt Vs Rock Salt

    Ive read an article once upon a time, stating that the iodine in table salt has little to no effect in the aquarium. Ive recently done a strong salt bath on a bristlenose with whitespot. I used table salt cause i was fresh out of rock salt. Water did not cloud, fish was fine. I would always use rock salt though, just to eliminate anything that "may" go wrong. HTH
  11. wet/dry filter not going at constant speed

    Just throwing a couple of ideas out there. -could the intake piping be too small? i.e pump output exceeds draining capacity? -could there be some occasional air blockage? i.e trapped air manages to escape, then water drains quickly, repeating itself constantly? HTH
  12. Opinion on baffle vs wet/dry sumps

    personal opinion, i would use a baffle, the way i would justify it.... With the limited space, would matrix or bioballs be more effective? i.e 1x1x1 of bioballs, or 1x1x1 of matrix? another issue may be if running baffle on a 6fter with a 2x1x1, will there be enough space to hold water if electricity goes off.... HTH
  13. Ran out of Prime

    Also depends on % of water that was changed, i think if it was a small amount then you probably wont see any effects.... Personally i think aging is just a re-assurance i.e one less thing that can go wrong....i age all my water before use. but i know plenty of people that warm hose + prime straight in with no ill effects at all sometimes upto 50% changes....
  14. Prime

    ive noticed it still smells like prime brand new, but as mentioned above the smell gets much stronger with age .
  15. Keeping the Elec$$$ bills down.

    mind sharing the price of the total system and the company you chose? im actually in the process of shopping around now, so any info will be helpful.....also lead time?