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  1. frontosa and tropheus together

    Would you put an old man in a room with 30 hyperactive kids? because thats what putting tropheus in with fronnys is. Honestly be better off adding gourami, and thats not a suggestion to add gourami!
  2. 6x2x2 sump vs canisters filter????

    Bean animals for the win :D   
  3. Red cap lethrinops

    I had mine with electric yellows and even then they were often interrupted while trying to spawn. IMHO they would mix excellent with jumbo lepto or even a goby species....  as much as that may upset people who dont like mixing lakes.
  4. best food for conditioning large malawi haps

    More a treat, but if you have a veggie garden, can also use bugs like wormys, hoppers and pilla's. I dont spray, so a better choice than sprayed prawns IMHO. Theres also frozen krill which goes down a treat.
  5. Under gravel filter enough

    This helps, but if speed of cleaning and mulm removal is the result desired then air powered sponge filters are way easier and more effective. Its only the aesthetics that UGF has the advantage in. Although when you use a powerhead on a UGF the aesthetics take a huge hit anyway. Also,if the idea is to blow mulm around rather than suck it into gravel.....  water clarity takes a hit too.
  6. best food for conditioning large malawi haps

    Its a koi food, but the Shori pellet puts some serious weight on haps/peacocks in a short amount of time.
  7. Under gravel filter enough

    Could always stress test it by feeding the amount you intend to feed and ensuring no ammonia/nitrite is building up. They are not very good for mechanical filtration, but if you are that keen on the gravel vacs thats not really an issue.
  8. Sick Fish Tank

    If it was an environmental problem (ammonia, nitrite, pH, temperature, chlorine, oxygen deprivation etc) it would be more likely to see all fish of same species effected simultaneously. Deaths that happen 1 by 1, are more likely disease or murder. Not saying high pH is not the issue here, just that disease or murder is more likely IMHO.
  9. Fish deaths after water changes

    The best data I could find for you was here,      
  10. Fish deaths after water changes

    Its not just the product that reduces the oxygen content of the water, but the reaction that takes place when it meets chlorine/chloramine. Once the chlorine is gone, the impact on oxygen content is much less dramatic, even tho sulfur-based chemicals are oxygen scavengers that will lower the dissolved oxygen. The situation becomes much worse the less surface agitation there is. Most of us use dual sources of aggressive oxygenation, and are able to restock oxygen as quickly as it is removed. We certainly provide more than the water is able to hold at the temperatures we keep tropicals. The complications in working it out WITHOUT a DO meter (disolved oxygen) is that companies jealously guard the exact chemical used in their products....  and that makes working out the chemistry almost impossible. For the ones using sodium thiosulphate we have the numbers of course     To quote wiki.    
  11. Fish deaths after water changes

    The fact the loaches survived makes it unlikely this was a poisoning or chloramine burn situation imho. Loaches go down hard in that scenario. Whereas coming often from hot oxygen poor waters, they have an edge against cichlids when o2 is low.  
  12. Sick Fish Tank

    Ammonia is extra dangerous once pH reaches such high levels, but even fish that come from lower pH waters will not always be killed by higher pH waters. Breed less, yes. Have lower hatch rates, yes. Have sub-optimal colours, yes. But as long as its not swinging around, not usually deadly.  
  13. Are these cichlids still around?

    So many keepers/breeders who are not on forums. So many who are not raising up spawns as shops not buying fry. Its a difficult project, but the worthy ones always are. The rare stuff around here is often kept in the hobby almost solely via the auctions we have a few times a year.
  14. Fish deaths after water changes

    Generally this happens because the aquarium is refilled higher than normal, this reduces the surface agitation resulting in very little oxygenation. Because most dechlorinators reduce oxygen levels it becomes a double wammy. Not saying it wasnt bad water, but the tests didnt pick up anything obvious and in my experience lack of oxygen is the more likely cause.
  15. Gymnogeophagus Balzanii experience?

    Stacey from superfish would be the person I would suggest hitting up, she breeds, raises, sells and ships.