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  1. Audible “filled” alert device?

    Yep, I got mine from Ebay actually. I can't remember how much they were, they were less than $10 though. I think they were about $4 each, but you will need to pay postage on top of that. They have saved me many floodings already, so definitely a great addition to any fish room.
  2. yeah I'd say there is nothing to worry about. It is very common for their colours to change. It could be signs of slight stress, or maybe you don't have enough dark coloured ornaments in your tank for them to take refuge on.
  3. Peppermint Bristlenose

    Nick, yeah that happens quite often, I've lost quite a few batches to fungus. The fungus spreads through the batch very quickly ruining any good eggs which could be left. Maybe the move was what encouraged them to spawn. Did I ever tell you that I had a chinese "feng shui" master tell me where to setup my first Peppermint breeding tank? As you can see, I've had pretty good success with my breeders, so Im in no position to be questioning this ancient chinese practice hahaha. On saying that, I set up another Peppermint colony elsewhere as I was a bit skeptical of this chinese art. Eventually I got them to spawn aswell, maybe Im just lucky? Oh well, Im not complaining.
  4. Water pumps

    That's what it says on the box... as for hose fittings, it comes with a choice of 2 sizes. one is about 20mm and the other about 32mm. They don't come as cheap as the China made ones, but you get what you pay for in my opinion. cheers Andrew
  5. Peppermint Bristlenose

    Nick, Congratulations on your first spawn! Nothing like that first time feeling Actually, I find myself in the same boat at the moment, as one of my other South American eartheaters spawned for the first time last night. Anyway, as Alan mentioned, the eggs you found on the bottom of the tank were definitely dislodged from where they were laid. Being only 15 eggs, Im sure there are more of them with the male, so don't be surprised if you find another dislodged clump. Since you have 1 male, all you need is the one spawning cave. I find the females like to sit under terracotta saucers or under a piece of driftwood. You already have something that your male likes to spawn in, so there is no need to add anything else. Although another spot for the female who resides behind the heater might help her feel more at home Eggs start hatching in around 5-6 days, do the eggs still look healthy now? cheers Andrew
  6. Water pumps

    For my 6x2x2, I've had great success with an Eheim 1262 pump in the sump. 3400l/h 3.6m head height 80 Watts and best of all, it's almost silent! You can't really go wrong with an Eheim. I find it pumps just as hard as the Pondmaster that I ran previously and that was rated at 5000L/hr.
  7. Glass thickness for 18 x 18 tanks ?

    Matt, my 4 and 6 x 18 x 18's are all 10mm base and 6mm sides. No problems there. AK
  8. peppermint BN in sydney

    For Sale: Peppermint BN cheers Andrew 0416 018 118
  9. lost a tank yesterday

    This story reminds of a mishap I had a few months ago. When I tried to lift a 4 x 20 x 20 with weir onto a rack which was about 3.5ft in height. For some stupid reason I thought I could lift it alone hahaha... anyway.. I stood the tank on its side and leaned it diagonally against the side of the rack, then I got under the tank and proceeded with the "clean and jerk". I managed to lift the tank up and got under it... But not for long, as the tank started to come back down on me... I had no choice but to let go of the tank and dive out of the way. I just couldn't complete the "jerk" part of the lift. On the way down, the corner of the tank managed to catch a bit of my shoulder which left a very deep hole which pooled with blood pretty quickly. But after about 1 minute... the blood was pouring out down my arm uncontrollably and I had to cup the blood in my palms to stop it from dripping onto the carpet. Anyway, all this happened while I was alone. It sends shivers down my spine each time I think about what could have been. I managed to get away with just a 'scratch' and less 1 tank. But if the tank came back down on me and smashed right on me, I may have been less a few more items - maybe an arm, a leg, or.... well.. lets not go there. Was supposed to get stitches that night, but I managed to keep the skin together with butterfly tape. I managed to send my body into shock that night too. I just started sweating like crazy, went dizzy and crashed to the floor. Maybe it was the loss of all that blood, and the talk from the doc of all these needles I needed to have injected - I dont' take to needles too well. Cleaning up all the smashed glass on carpet wasn't a very fun job either, took a few hours to get rid of it all. But definitely one fishroom mishap I will never forget. Luckily, no one was hurt too seriously in both these situations, I surely have learnt a thing or two from it
  10. Hooking up a Resun LP 60

    Wazza, where do we source these PVC pressure pipes and components from? I think its about time I do something about my room rather than jumping over all my trip wires. cheers mate Andrew
  11. Heading up to the Sunshine Coast (Twin Waters) next week. Any good aquariums worth visiting? cheers Andrew
  12. who sells otto filters in sydney

    how about having it sent to your door? AOA link
  13. Nice Peppermint Picture

    In pic "boy or girl 2", the one on the left looks definitely a boy. But what has me stumped is that I can't seem to locate that particular boy in the other two pics. do both of them like to sit in the ceramic logs like that? With the Peppermints I keep, I have found that my males like caves whereas my females generally hang out under pieces of driftwood. cheers Andrew
  14. Peppermint cats

    they usually eat at night.. throw some food in there before switching the lights off. if you suddenyl turn the lights on after a few minutes.. they will surely be cruising around for food. cheers Andrew
  15. my eartheater tank

    geeez... look at those 'lovely' altifrons hehe nice one mate cheers Andrew