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  1. How are they going for you Karl? Still breeding flat out? Italian Stallion- You have a definite pair of which the larger one is female. Cheers, Nick.
  2. Great looking tank you've set up there SchmucK. Well done mate! Nick.
  3. my guess is vaseline like Mianos said. All over my aqua one o ring too and never had a problem.
  4. Just wow! I want some. I know they grow big but how big is big? Nick.
  5. Yeah that's the one not affecting ph. Smaller gravel pieces get uplifted with the gravel vacuum easier, therefore your cleaning will be quicker. Nick.
  6. The one I have found is exactly like mianos'
  7. As both Ash and Josh said, not all black gravel buffers as I have found. Keep testing like i did with vinegar and you'll find one that doesn't. HTH Nick.
  8. Hi Paul, I find my Frontosas love the following food but it can get a bit costly. Since feeding them this diet, I have found a bit more growth than other Frontosa that I keep that aren't on the same diet. It consists of the following and I alternate a different food each day. Frozen Hikari Mysis Shrimp Hikari Carnivore Pellets Sera Granumeat Frozen Hikari Blood worms once every 2 weeks as a treat Veggie wafers once or twice a week to help with digestion I found they breed more consistently on this diet too, but then again it depends on each individual fish on how consistently they bree
  9. It is a hybrid. I don't like it but that's just my opinion and as Nigel has said, who needs more hybrids. Nick.
  10. Problem solved guys, it is the gravel. I covered some gravel in a cup with some vinegar and low and behold....BUBBLES. The gravel contains calcium so therefore it raises the PH. I won't be taking advice from that LFS anymore, you know who you are! Any other recommendations on substrate? Pebbles maybe? Cheers and thanks guys for all your input! Nick.
  11. It must be, he's in immaculate condition. Well done.
  12. Great pics once again Oliver, thanks for sharing them with us!
  13. From the tap it's at 7.6
  14. He looks great. Good luck Mat. Cheers, Nick.
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