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  1. Wholesale Importer

    I didnt look at the fish, but my boss told me about $200-$300 for a "2ft" Giant, but if its another colour beside "grey" then about $300-$400 dependin on colour.
  2. Where is the best place to buy aquatic plants?

    Hi mate, Atlantis Aquarium down in Lansvale is quite cheap, they can get any aquartic plant you want and are the cheapest in Western Sydney compared to many other aquariums in the area. They are located at the Corner of Longfield St and The Hume Hwy at Lansvale 2166. Cheers MangoR34
  3. Sexing female calvus

    Sup Rich, So the pics does work... :lol:
  4. Wholesale Importer

    It was quite funny last thursday while working at Atlantis Aquarium, because at about 1pm Neville from Aquarium Imports rang us (i picked up the phone) and he asked how much cichlids and giant gouramis are worth, through the convo, i have noticed that he doesnt know the value of his cichlids and was trying to buy some of our stock, quite interesting because I havent seen a wholesaler purchasing from a retail then selling it back to the public. I recent visited them and have noticed only 6 tanks with cichlids, no marines or corals, the quaritine section was open and had nothing in it, apparently they are closing down and having an Xmas sale to get rid of their stock. Through the aquarium industry in Australia he has offered alot of business their stock as well as their facility. But, if you want a bargain, then head off early to aquarium imports, after this year they will be closing down. Just to let you know. Mango :