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  1. Kifaya

    Aqua one Stellar Air Pump

    Went ahead and purchased a Stellar 380D ( 2 X 190 L/hr). So far very happy with the power and how quiet it runs. Can't compare it to any others however as this is my first air pump. Also came with 2 check Valves which is nice. One less part to buy separately 🙂
  2. Kifaya

    Aqua one Stellar Air Pump

    Hi am looking at buying an Aquarium One Stellar 200 Air pump but there seem to be no reviews yet. Has anyone tried one out? Are they an improvement on the Precision series (sounds like the Precision 7500 is pretty noisy to run). Any alternate recommendations on an Air Pump for 300 Litre Tank would be most welcome. I'm just starting my first cichlid tank and these forums have been a fantastic help! Thanks all