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  1. Hi Benno

    many pics 

    0422807157 cheers Daniel 

  2. Definitely would be keen on some fry. I have had so many almost sightings of these but have turned out to be hybrids
  3. benno84

    who is bring what to the major auction

    I just hope there is some great fish. Haven't seen any thing that I have wanted in ages
  4. benno84

    Major Auction March NSWCS

    just seeing if anyone is going from the newcastle area that mighy be able to make some purchases for me and have some spare tank space until late sunday night or early monday morning unfortunately I have to work so wont be able to go this time
  5. benno84

    Cichlid I.D.Please Help

    mine was October. I brought 5 lots qty 9 9 9 8 7 I had a visitors number
  6. benno84


    a local place near me sold second hand stuff at half the price of new stuff. but it was chipped rusty and faded. the time effort and money to get it looking good I ended up buying new stuff also have to make sure the shelfs arent bent slightly
  7. benno84

    Cichlid I.D.Please Help

    its looking like I got a couple of them also from the major auction. ended up with 42. was either 5 or 6 lots. id be happy to put them in a display tank but they was purchased for breeding spent over $120 on them
  8. benno84

    Anyone breeding pseudiotropheous socolofi

    I have some of dazzman old trio. always breeding have since added 3 small females to them
  9. benno84

    What size holes to Drill?

    all depends on how much your pumping back up. 4x40mm is a fair bit of drainage.
  10. benno84

    Major auction October

    think there was 1 or 2 lots of peps. did you no who had those membe deep? would be keeb for some in the future
  11. benno84

    Major auction October

    5 seperate lots
  12. benno84

    Major auction October

    I ended up bringing home 42 saulosi should make a nice colony would be keen if anyone knows who had the psuedotropheus sp membe deep id like there details so I could grab some in the future.
  13. benno84

    Major auction October

    what low quality fish was there?
  14. benno84

    Major auction October

    hey rosco what do you sell your msobo for?
  15. benno84

    cichlid industries

    does he still have any stock that he is selling?