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Promotion of or, Linking to, other websites

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Due to problems with and animosity between various individuals it has become necessary to prohibit naming or linking to (via text links or otherwise) websites other than those listed below.

This list represents sites to which we freely allow members to link to from ACE forums:

Any website of a sponsor of ACE forums

Any non-cichlid or non-aquarium websites which include acceptable (non-offensive) content.

Victorian sites

Victorian Cichlid Society - VCS - forums

Boronia Aquarium forums (Victoria) - Boronia forums - -

Malawi cichlid homepage -

Perth cichlid forum -

Phillipe Burnel's photography -

Cichlid press -

Planet catfish -

The Cichlid fishes of Lake Malawi -

The Krib -

The Australian Betta Board -

Queensland cichlid forums -

Addicted 2 fish -

FishBase -

Guide to SA cichlidae - - -

Perth Cichlid Society - -

Cichlid - -

DJ's Li'l fishies -

Big sky cichlids -

The cichlid room companion -


The Sydney Cichlid Page -

Aquaholics - Aquaholics Forums

vwboy53's homepage -

Little Swimmer's Fishroom - - -

New Life Spectrum - NLS

Aussie Reptile Keeper

Tropheus Fanatics Forum

Malawi dream

Loaches Online

Pleco Planet

Newcastle Aquarium Society

Frontosa Fanatics

This list is a work in progress, if you wish to link to a website not included in the above list please contact a moderator for permission. If you think a website is missing from this listing, please email a moderator or administrator to have it added

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation -


on behalf of the admins of ACE forums.

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