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  1. Lunar Path

    Lepper, what do you think of the 17-55 2.8 IS? worth it?
  2. Lunar Path

    Nice one. good to have that IS in body. Can the pentax lenses put up a good fight along side Canon and Nikon?
  3. Lunar Path

    What camera did you end up getting Andy?
  4. New tank - unsure of what to put in it

    I agree with Josh. Silversharks, angels and severums just get too big and will eat your multies. Blue rams need a more acidic water and sorta stay down in the lower levels too. I suggest going for some cyprichromis or other shellies, since you have a relatively big footprint.
  5. getting Angel eggs to the hatching stage

    In my angelfish breeding experience, I would leave the parents in there to "practise" being parents. They are probably new at it and need a few goes for them to learn. Hatching the eggs on their own is tricky, as they can get fungussed really easily. Good luck!
  6. Pallet Racks

    I personally wouldn't risk an overhanging tank. I rather sleep well than have to think about it. Although i'm sure if you put a thick MDF board to even out the weight, I'd still wouldn't risk it. But say if it was right on ground, it should be ok. I'd also wouldnt risk the non-bolted frames. Just a peace of mind.
  7. Feldars cube tank

    Beautiful setup! i love it. Can you please get a pic of your MH and how high is it above the tank? Cute bristly in the last pic
  8. fishing for cichlids

    have a look here: its called hazelwood.;hl=hazelwood
  9. Removing Red Beard/Brush Algae

    I've heard a few drops of a product made by Azoo works wonders. From memory, it's called something like "Brush/hair algae remover" or something along those lines. Maybe you could give that a go. My friend has used it a couple years back and swears by it. Make sure you don't overdose tho.
  10. Cory Feeding Time !

    Nice photos and tank! Any chance of a full tank shot? and also what variety of cories do you have?
  11. Tiger bichir

    What size tank is he in?
  12. The photoshop thread!

    here's one i did a while ago: Original image: Edited:
  13. Pleco for outdoor pond in Sydney

    How big was it after several years?
  14. Baby rainbows in my sump - good find

    nice find! i am also intrigued and astonished as to how small fry can get through the maze and gauntlet of media and find their way to the end and somehow still manage to live for months unfed.
  15. 4-2-2 tank , what to stock it with ? ? ?

    ive got a school of scissortail rasboras, and they are indeed a cool fish. not as nice as the Denisonii barbs, but still pretty nice. The Denisonii do fetch a high price tho. last time i saw, they were about $40-60 per fish!!!