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  1. Thanks for the comments all! Vis> the images are going to be used enlarged, printed and framed for a sit down sponsorship dinner at the Tennis for my client's clients! We managed to get front row seats for the Roddick match - had unreserved tickets and just made a bolt for the seats when the gates opened. I will print some of these out myself too And no that wasn't me doing the upskirt thing! haha! It's a bit hard to hide the 100-400mm on my person! cheers steve
  2. As I said in my previous moon photo thread, I got invited by a client to do a photoshoot at the Australian Open Tennis last Monday. Took around 500 shots and ended up with about 50 good ones. Lots of fun and great atmosphere. here's a link to my best pics I took> Most of them were taken with my Canon 100-400mm L lens. EXIF data can be seen on my Flickr account if needed. Enjoy! cheers sab
  3. First off, cheers all for the comments. Nice to be back! Shot taken with my Canon EOS350D (so 1.6x crop sensor), I didn't use any teleconvertors but did crop some of the black sky out slightly at 100%, tweaked it slightly with contrast and brightness and then unsharpened mask. Yew> yep... I am here to support the OSX dark side still! Currently working on the last of the powerbooks (pre intel) 1.67GHz with 2 gig RAM. Nice machine and I love the portability of it, but would like a Quad core G5 some day. At work I have the PB hooked up to 23" Cinema Display. cheers sab
  4. Hey all... Damn it's been a while since I have posted here! Had a lot of personal things going on in the last year(ish)... but hopefully I now have time to check back more often! So to start the ball rolling, here is a pic of the moon I took back in October 2006 (out the back of home). EXIF Data: Canon 100-400mm L | f/8.0 | 200 ISO | 1/320th | Tripod Will post a few more pics up later of a recent photoshoot I did at the Australian Open for a client. Was a fun day. cheers sab
  5. Off Topic VIII

    I was pretty lucky as we had about 6 of the dragonflies in the yard... and all were pretty stationary - must have been slightly too cool to make them too active. I actually got within 10cm from the front of the lense to some of them. Had to use a tripod to stop shake, but pretty happy with the shots! Thanks for the comments too! cheers steve
  6. Off Topic VIII

    Damn... its been a while since I've posted on here... but good to be back! Here are a few shots taken of a dragonfly out the back this past weekend. Enjoy! Camera = Canon EOS350D with 60mm macro. Steve
  7. Just got back from spending two months in the USA visiting my GF who is there for work for two years. Whilst over there I picked up two lenses for my Canon EOS350D... a 17-85mm ISM and a 60mm macro. Took these shots of an orchid I found in my garden when I got home! Taken with the 60mm macro. Will share some of my other pics when I get time to upload too! Enjoy sab
  8. peppermint shrimp pics

    Very nice pics! As always. You use a Canon EOS350D right? Which lense are you using for these shots?; and what other lenses are in your aresenal? I just picked up a EOS350D... and loving it. But looking at getting a Macro for it soon. cheers Steve
  9. photo request

    Yew> just put ©2005 sab on it. thats fine. glad to help. cheers steve
  10. photo request

    my mystery apple snail> You can use this if you'd like. cheers Steve
  11. Nice Fish! BTW does the wife know her best vase is now the den of the lascivious male! haha! cheers Steve
  12. PHOTO TIPS! Post them here

    My tips to get a successful shot: First off buy the best camera you can afford – don't just look at megapixels (use 4MP as a start), but consider the optical zoom too (the higher the number the better!). Ignore the term “digital zoom” in all the ads as all that is a cropping into the maximum optical zoom (ie. blowing the image up digitally and you will loose detail this way). Being a Canon guy i suggest the mid range Canon G6. All my shots are taken with (an old now) Canon G2 4MP (purchased about four years back) at about $1,900!!! This was probably one of the first 4MP cams within reach of the avergae consumer without going to the $8,000 digital SLRs level back then! Its still a good camera and more than capable of a good shot if you are patient! Ive always had canon cameras and studied photography at uni as part of my graphic design degree all those years ago! As Nova states above , take the pics in a darkened room with just the tank lights on and a hand held flash pointed through the top cover glass. Always use a tripod or another steadying device (the top of the girlfriend's head works well if flat enough! haha!)! Take the pics from the side to eliminate flash glare if using built in flash. Don't just rely on the auto settings of your camera (if it has manual settings use them!) Keep fiddling with the settings to - one thing that helped me when using the cameras flash (not a external hand held one) was to play around with the flash-firing timing too (if your cam will allow it). I found that setting the flash to fire either just before or just after the actual shutter opening can help eliminate that washed out look (over exposure). I use the manual settings (f-stop/aperture and shutter speed) mostly, and dont be scared to play around with the aperture and shutter speed - but find a low setting of f2.8 works well and gives a sense of depth. For those that are a little confused by F stops and apertures... The lower the 'F' number the wider the aperture, keeping the main subject in focus, whilst blurring background. The higher the 'F' number the smaller the aperture, gaining an increase of focus from front to back - so probably better for larger faster moving fish to have a slightly higher aperture number to ensure the whole fish is in focus (but you will need a slower shutter speed as less light is getting in the camera)! F2.8 gives a bigger hole, giving you more light and therefore you can use a faster shutter speeds - it gives less in focus tho. I usually use a fast shutter speed of around 1/500. I also rely on a manual setting for focus, I pick a point in the tank and manually focus on that and wait for the fish to come into view! I find food helps to entice them out! LOL! I use a hand held flash too, that is connected to the hotshoe on the camera via a cable and over rides the cameras own flash (so that doesnt fire). I can then play around with positioning the flash for most dramatic effects... usually over the top through the cover glass. The trick is to have some time up your sleeve, be patient and take heaps of photos! I usually take 80 odd for maybe 10 good ones! For further reading start here for some good tips!>> Aquarium photo tips Play with the white balance setting – if taking pics of a tank use the tungsten or fluro setting. This gives a more natural white balance and will remove the yellow cast. I use Photoshop CS to further colour correct if needed – using things like the channels, levels, curves, etc. etc. I hope that helps and inspires! cheers Steve (aka sab)
  13. Camera choice

    The current Canon G series is the G6 (a 7MP camera and under $1,000). A top notch camera and one I would recommend to suit your budget. You can add lenses to these via the adpator. I use the very old school now Canon G2.... it still takes some great pics, but I'm about to buy the new Canon EOS350D 8MP digital SLR.... drool! Always wanted a Digi SLR and this has had some awesome reviews! Oh - and try and learn to use the cameras manual functions for even better pics than using the auto settings! Play with teh focus distance, aperture, shutter speed etc. Happy shopping! steve
  14. OT: The View From My desk

    Heres a pic I took on turn 13 (you can see that in the above pics that Anthony took)... there are some more F1 pics in teh link too that I took. Saturday was a very wierd day weather wise... rain, sun, rain, sun etc. enjoy sab Some more F1 pics I took...
  15. OT: The View From My desk

    great pics! I live on the other side of the track here (beach side) in St Kilda... I am so close that I can pick up the F1 radio they have broadcast at the track! I got my back door open and have the track only F1 FM broadcast to hear what the commentators are saying on my home stereo! You gotta love the noise! Oh - its 91.5 on the FM dial if interested! steve