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  1. Hi Guys Im looking for a  breeder / seller in Dapto NSW Wollongong Area.  
  2. Hi All    Would like your opinion on these breed, 
  3. Hi Guys    I have tried to catch my fry with the bottle method but have had no luck, can you show me what you do. I also have tried with a hose but tank is full of Rock and just cant get down.  
  4. Cyphotilapia gibberosa chumbu

    Well yes but I have tried to find fry but no luck, if you guys can help out that would be awesome. setting up a 365 liter tank for the pair I have now so I don't mind placing some fry in the old tank and growing out. 
  5. Cyphotilapia gibberosa chumbu

     not what I wanted to read... I have been trying to find females but nobody seems to have any. Another guy said to put Gibberosa Blue Zair with them 
  6. Hi All    Recently lost 3 of my chumbu to a catastrophic power outage, battery back up failed. My question to you all is will a single pair of Gibberosa breed or should I be looking for a couple more females.
  7. Frontosa Temp

    Hi just wondering if low temp under 18c will kill frontosa. What is best temp Thanks Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk