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  1. Looking For Steve From Dapto

    Yes they're gone as far as I know 
  2. Looking For Steve From Dapto

    Sivmaster is Mick Burns , not the guy you're after . I'm in Dapto too,  Is it Steve from Brownsville ( Dapto ) you're looking for ? 
  3. 6x2x2 tang stocking

    Naturally The 7 bars will be moved long before they're big enough to eat the leptos or gold occies , I'm no noob
  4. 6x2x2 tang stocking

    So now as it sits 20+ C.leptosoma Utinta , 2 pair gold occelatus , 5 black calvus , 5 firefin comps and 12 kigoma 7 bars . No more tinkering , just time to sit back and watch them grow 
  5. 6x2x2 tang stocking

    Bit of an unplanned change , the gold occies and Julie's didn't get along so while removing the later I also took out the blackbees . Had some C.leptasoma utinta shipped in which have gone in now instead . The occies have split into 2 pairs and both have a couple of fry so the next job will be setup tanks of their own . It's all happening 
  6. 6x2x2 tang stocking

    I gave it a bit of a freshen up last weekend , changed out all the fish except the C.leptasoma blackbees . In went 5 gold ocellatus , 5 juvenile black calvus , 5 juvenile firefin comps , a dozen 2.5-3.5cm Kigoma 7 bars and 6 juvenile J.transcriptus gombe . A bit of rescaping , a few bunches of Val and all done again til next time I get bored 
  7. Peacock Bass

    Very cool 
  8. 6x2x2 tang stocking

    Multis will probably end up as live food for your fronnies sooner or later ?
  9. 6x2x2 tang stocking

    Tank is settling down well , added 6 of each gold occies and L. auritus from Maurice last weekend . Also picked up a breeding colony of C.leptosoma "black bee" last night ( with holding females )  The Helianthus are breeding regularly and the gold heads have now paired up and guarding their first batch of eggs . Although the female picked a shell right in the middle of the multi colony , I moved it out and she's still guarding so fingers crossed . Need to add some anubias on driftwood , a few bunches of val and either some l numbers or peppermints next and I'm done 
  10. Scammer??

    I had the same thing a month or two back someone replied to my Petlink add as I was looking for a sump . They offered to give me compleye 4x2x2 setup with sump for free if i could pay the $120 for shipping  cost . What raised my suspicion was the poor/ broken English . I believe it's a scam and once I called them out on it the emails stopped . Paris Bartlett was the alias used , I couldn't find that person on any of the social media pages 
  11. foai mibita yellow chin

    Very nice 
  12. Metriaclima Sp. "Zebra Gold Charo".

    I'm not so sure , beautiful fish none the less . I had F1 Gold Charos , my male was typical of most google images out there . Yours not so much as it's lacking the dark colouring for whatever reason , doesn't mean it's not  . If the person says he bought them through the auction as Gold Charo , it's not likely he can mistake them as anything else or would forget . Are there / was there any other variants of the gold zebras around in Australia ? 
  13. 6x2x2 tang stocking

    I ended up putting in the non-bonded gold head pair . When I was cleaning the tank the other pair were guarding a good batch of heads and tails so I was reluctant to transfer them . I'm tempted to put the multis in and get some auritus next 
  14. I recently picked up a 6x2x2 tank setup dirt cheap and got it up and running a couple of weeks ago . I'm running The Naultilus 2700 canister and Jaeger heater it came with . I've added fine gravel , a few rocks , caves and a bunch of shells . Will add a few more rocks over the weekend . The only fish in there atm are a breeding pair of N. helianthus and a couple of their juveniles . I'm going to only stock it with Tangs , would love to put some shellies in there but not sure if the multis would be ok . Here's a list of what I have so if there is anything I shouldn't put with the helianthus or together shout out ; Gold Head (breeding pair) Gold head M & F ( not bonded )  J. regani (pair ) or spare male A.dewindti ( pair )  N. multifaciatus colony of 20 mixed sizes Any other suggestions of what else I could put in feel free to comment . Don't really want fronnies in another of my tanks though , Maybe some L. auritus , cheers   
  15. Metriaclima Sp. "Zebra Gold Charo".

    Give us some pics when they have settled in properly . I agree with None though ATM , so will wait for better pics