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  1. Apistogramma

    Check out Second Nature Aquariums: They get in Wild stock whenever it is available through wholesalers and are looking into importing themselves in the future, but they do breed quite a few really nice WC species and sell the F1 juvies. I can think of A. paulmuelleri and A. allpahuayo as being some that im after at least, and have been told that they will be available in the next few months. FishChicks is good also... Email Jodi-Lea... Last time I was there she had some really nice Wild A. Iniridae.
  2. Why are there only German Imports?

    I also get a bit niggly about some of the fish we cant import, but what can you expect? I would love a licensing system, but it would be too hard and too expensive to police. Work with what we have, keep them good and it shouldn't be so bad. very difficult for me to say that... I really want a Boulengerchromis microlepis pair, oh and a wild colony of every Geophagus species ever would be good too... This looks promising though, IF this can work for everything, it could change the import laws; check it out...
  3. breeding behavior from gold occies?

    Oh really? Thats interesting, mine looked really nice on white sand, bright pink/purple sheen on their side with the gorgeous gold!
  4. breeding behavior from gold occies?

    Hard to tell, sounds more like territorial aggression. Could be a pair forming? By the way, if you replace your black gravel with fine white sand, like play sand, they should look MUCH better and have an easier time moving it around. Oh and make sure its deep enough to completely cover the shells! they will bury them completely except for the mouth of the shell.
  5. Some of my Frontosa Variants. Pic heavy

    Well, i know who i will be coming to when i get my fronts... very nice collection. Serious question, how do you tell the different variants apart, especially when they come in in imports. If they were mixed you would have to separate variants. I cant tell the difference at a glance!
  6. 55g multi tank

    This is my personal experience, but for me brevis were boring. They arent particularly colourful, they didnt breed for me (couldve been water or food but i had them at least a year) and they didnt show any interesting behaviour. Occies, on the other hand, were a blast. They were hilarious fun to watch. Shifting the sand, squabbling amongst eachother, trying to kill the julie's that were 3 times there size. I love gold occies, and i think you would too. aggressive little brutes lol.
  7. 55g multi tank

    No, i had about 3 or 4 males in a 4 ft 50gal. One or two will be the most dominant, but it worked and they bred... EDIT: Oh and of course, this was in a school of 12 - 15.
  8. 55g multi tank

    A Julidochromis species for the rocks would be nice, and cyps of course.
  9. Lamprologus Ocellatus Gold

    Just stick to not mixing things that come from other bodies of water and you will be all good... lol maybe not that extreme but you get the idea
  10. Its not the one LithoMan, but i found what i was after while searching yours. Its not actually an Aulonocara, its Protomelas sp. splinotus tanzania, And the yellow does actually go all the way down the body. Anyone have experience with these? the research begins...
  11. Hey guys, just a quick thread, I saw a picture of an Aulonocara that looked similar to stuartgranti ngara, but with more blue on the upper body and down the back but also a bright highlight of yellow on the belly area, that didnt extend down the flank very far. thats the main feature i remember, it probably also had yellow pelvic and dorsal. It was a really stunning fish and ive forgot the name, i'd like to look into perhaps getting some, but i gotta know the name! Anyone know of what im talking about? It couldve even been a stuartgranti Ngara... beautiful fish though!
  12. Cyphotilapia Gibberosa 'Mikula'

    Aaaw man they are so nice, i want fronts so bad!
  13. ozone generator

    Um, im pretty sure it puts a mini version of the ozone layer, in the room where the machine is, basically killing everything... Used alot in the cleaning and restoration industry, especially for odors!
  14. New member - new tank

    Hi Woogie, Welcome to the forums! It seems you have your mind set on Malawians, which is always nice. I cant help you in that regard, but if you are wondering about some other options i can make some suggestions. A trio or even 2 pairs* (*IF the tank is decorated correctly) of an Apistogramma of choice, in a well planted setup, along with a school of tetras of choice? (or if you want your dwarfes to breed without the fry being eated, pencilfish!) This is a small male Apistogramma cf. agasizzii "Alenquer" As you can see, they are quite pretty, in a different way to Malawian mbuna! This is a small male yet to develop fully aswell! There are many different shape and coloured Apistos to chose from... If you are interested, take a look at
  15. New Tanganyikans

    Shon should have a better ID on the Cyp, but to me it looks like some form of C. microlepidotus. Those fronts are sweet, but those auritus are amazing... i want some!!