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Reminding fish to spawn

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Hey gang

Is there anything you recommend I should try doing to remind/encourage fish they can spawn? For some reason my Multifasciatus and Regani haven't spawned in over 6 months (they are an established colony / pair respectively that have regularly produced for the least 3-4 years). They're in the same tanks/conditions as I have always kept them in, being fed the same diet, water conditions and maintenance, etc. Both used to breed regularly, especially the Multifasciatus but for some reason there's no fry to be seen for most of 2022.

I've started feeding live baby brine shrimp in the hopes that it will encourage them to breed if they know a food source for fry is available but that hasn't helped. Not sure if I should try a temperature change, re-arranging decor, etc to spice things up? The fish look great, but there's just no action.

Open to hear any suggestions.

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Hey Adam, 

Time to send your fish to couples therapy 😂.. 

Jokes a side, I think you are on to something with the temperature. Years ago when I kept tropical fish, I found higher temp 26-27c encouraged them to spawn more. Worth cranking up the temp and see what that do to them. I am no expert but temperature and light may have something to do with their biological processes . Good luck with it all.  

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Hi Adam,

I'm not sure if there is a fool proof plan to encourage breeding activity.    All I can pass on is things that have worked for me in the past.   I find a lot of my Tangs respond to water changes.    During the winter months I have my Tang tanks on 25 degrees.   Every second or third water change I fill with warmer water to bring the temperature up to 27 degrees.    This tends to get the males into fighting for dominance and therefore sometimes leads to a breeding increase.

Shellies however don't seem to respond as well as other Tangs to the above.   I've had some colonies just continually produce fry and others not as much.    I like the idea of moving around shells and decor to try and stimulate a bit of activity in the tank.    

I like the idea of you feeding live baby brine.    All my tangs get a high quality pellet, spilurina flake and 3-4 feeds of a mixture of frozen foods (daphnia, brine shrimp, mysis shrimp) weekly.   I find feeding and having good condition on the fish a very important factor in breeding success.   

Best of luck.  


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