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Cichlid Imports

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After not keeping African cichlids for many many years, I am about to get back to where it all started for me. 

Is anyone in Aus still importing cichlids with any sort of regularity still (Tanganyikans)?





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Good Afternoon, 

Thanks, yes I have spoken with a store in Perth (the one actually building my tank) and they are looking at potentially doing German shipments again next year once their is some sort of 'normal'. Apparently a fella in Melb' also gearing up for regular imports next year also? (mate of a mate). 

Tank is 360x100x75 (2,700L) + 900L sump with an Aqua Decor background (back and sides + bottom rocks) - gone all out for this display. Should be pull of water at my house late Feb 2022. 

I want the star of the show to be a very large school of Leptosoma (always been something I have wanted to do) - thinking either 'kitumba' including some 'albino kitumba' or specklebacked Moba's. I like the idea of being able to buy quality for overseas. A loose stcoking list so far is; 

- Leptosoma kitumba or moba's (approx 200 fish)

- C. furicfer 'Kigoma'

- E. malanogenys

- G. permaxilaris

- J. regani 'kipili'

- N. leleupi

I have reserved myself to the fact that getting a school of 200 or so Lepto's is going to take some breeding and adding to colony on my behalf. As purchasing 200, especially imports would be cost prohibitive. 





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The alternative to the above was a big Malawi Hap tank - Champsochromis, Fossochromis, NImbochromis etc. 

See if i can grow out some fish to their full potential, either is a good option really. 

The only thing that bothers me with the tangs is the wasting disease in the lepto's. 

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