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Bn reproduces alone

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I really don't know how to write this to come across as politely as I can so I'll just pull the band-aid straight off........this is physically impossible!   

Going back to my uni days a long time ago I did a presentation on parthenogenesis in animals.   

What you'd be talking about is Hermaphroditism.    This is where an individual species have both male and female reproductive organs or can alternate between having one at first and then the other.  This is common for invertebrates but extremely rare for vertebrates.    The "catfish" family makes up 1 out of every 20 vertebrate species on earth.     

With the amount of studies historically by scientists and ones that are still carried out today this would have been a well documented and very important scientific discovery.    For this never to happen says it all.            

Just my 2c ;)

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