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Looking for some African cichlid fish stocking advice for a ~450L tank.

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 Moved over my stock from a 120L tank to this one,1690mm by 600mm(w)by 530mm(H), current stocking is some electric yellows, one blue aceii left, two I think smallest type of Synodontis (has spots catfish lol>_<), one i think it a gold spotted plec(has yellow on it anyway)


Looking for some fish that come out more, medium to top level since my yellows tend to be around the bottom hide abit, peacocks?something else? Some type of feature/centrepiece fish, are there any schooling ones that would work with? Can shellies be had with these fish really like these guys but not sure if they could go with other African cichlid, would they get eaten or boss around alot? Prefer if the are low or medium aggression fish as well.

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Iodotropheus sprengerae (Rusty cichlids) work well with electric yellows.  They tend to inhabit the mid to upper levels of the tank which in my experience encourages the electric yellows upwards too.   Rusties aren't renowned for being aggressive and do best in a good size group. 

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