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8x3 coming in the next few months. looking for stocking advice.

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gday guys, after 8 years of dealing with my little 4 foot tank i finally own my own house and have found a spot in the man cave to install a big tank. (the wife vitoed the loungeroom idea haha)

the space between the support beams is just over 9 feet so i figured an 8 foot tank would leave enough room on the sides to get in there if i need to.

thinking of going 8x3x2.5 or 8x3x3. just need to get it priced up. i will probably use the 4 foot as a sump.


the main thing i am wondering about though, is what i could put in there. maybe natives? hit me with some suggestions please!

i would ultimately like to get a bunch of young fish and grow them out all together but i dont want to have to rehome anything if it gets too big.

i really like the look of murray cod but i hear they dont go well with other fish.

also wouldn't mind a freshwater ray or 3 if i go down that road.

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Sounds exciting.

Depends on your own interests I guess, but if I was setting up a big tank like that I would do a Tanganyikan community. I could see it having a dedicated shellbed on one end, with a tall rockpile beside it, then an expansive open water sandbed across to a shallower rockpile on the other end.

I'd probably stock it with:

  • A small group of Multis/Similis for the shellbed
  • A group of Xeno Bathy for the open sandbed
  • A school of Cyprichmomis for the open water
  • For the rockpiles, I'd probably go with a pair of Juli Ornatus, a pair of Daffodils/brichardi complex species, and a few calvus/comps.

That's just me though, I'm not a big fish fan. 😄 

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