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going to the auction , any kool fish coming

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Hello guys long time no chat , we are coming to the auction , we have been way too busy to breed last few years , but we are motivated again , we have been still running some tanks just not the amount we have in the past , so we have only red empress left and way too many babies . 

we started up some tanks and are looking forward to seeing what you guys have got , any hints at what your bringing.

cheers from rob and shannon




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Nice, Rob. Welcome back. 

Africans seem to be much more popular than south Americans lately, with a good selection of both Malawi and Tangs. Catfish have become pretty popular of late too. 

I plan on putting some tangs, apistos and bristlenose through. See you there! 

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well that was a good day /evening thanks to all the committee members , great work , everything seem to run very good and fast , we left there with lots of lots and empty wallets , got lots of new ciclids to breed , that we have never breed before .

a very large salifin plecko , great deal on food , for us and the fish ! ha .

wondered what happened to that lot of living stonii, that started but something was wrong , we like those fish ,


there were great deals and some high prices , we haven't been for almost 5years now so we were interested to see .

lots of brisslenose , all types

and those crazy cheap prices for those Tanganyikans 60 for 4 gees / if our tanks wern't just set up we would of got all of them , well at least tried .


good to see red empress were high price well bring some next time , we got both pairs of the cookoo catfish as the guy came up to us and said they didnt really want them , so they'll go with the red empress colony which are having mouth fulls every week , we have more than 200 of these , help !  


ok cheers people , see you again soon


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It was a great day for both sellers and buyers. The auctioneers did a great job. I am happy with the fish I brought home; a new pair of apistogramma, some sandsifters and a group of caudopuncts. Hoping to breed and share them back through the club. Fingers crossed. 

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Glad you had a good day Rob

There were some nice fish go through

The Livingstoni just didn't look right when they came up so we passed them in

The lot numbers were down a bit but the fish were a good range and some that I haven't seen go through before

The sellers seemed happy with how it went and the buyers bid hard on some lots

Hardest part is working around the Covid restriction on spacing these days


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