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Stripping Saulosi?

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Hi folks, 

one of my females in my display tank has a massive mouthful of eggs that I noticed about a week ago. I can see into her mouth that they have changed in colour so I think they are fertile. 

If I strip her soon and use an egg tumbler (Zeiss 60) is it too early for them to survive or should I give it a few more days? I don't want her to eat or spit them out as they wont last 5 seconds in the tank!



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So I managed to strip most of them out but it was taking too long so I put her back in the main tank to recover but I think she kept hold of a few. Oh well, I managed to get about 20 of them. 

These guys are fine in a fry saver aren't they? They are free swimming. 


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Good work they seem about 3 weeks so a fry saver is where they need to go  :thumb

I use a small bucket and just sit the female in a net hanging in the bucket so it doesn't

stress her too much between milking attempts

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11 hours ago, t3v0r0 said:

They should be good in a fry saver mate.

Their egg sacks are gone right?


Theyre doing well and eating lots of fry powder! 

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Just a quick update, all 19 fry are still going great and have doubled in size!

I moved them into a larger fry saver today to adjust to their size as to give them some more room to stretch their fins! 

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Always found that Saulosi had excellent surval and growth rates. 

Increasing the size of the fry saver is a great way to maintain the growth rate. I have seen fry kept in savers that are too small and as a result the fry are undersized for the days. 

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Stripped out another mouthful today! Different female too. 

They are just heads and tails so they're gently tumbling in the Ziss.  Got about 30 out of this one. 

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