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I bought some very cute babies from a guy breeding these in QLD last month. His broodstock are very big so yes they are definitely a tank buster.

One of the few legal exotics available in QLD and NSW. I've got the guys phone number so PM me if interested.

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Hi fishdance,

I m looking these kinds of small fish in sydney. We called them catfish and i couldn't seach them using that name here. Can you pls pin his number or where can i buy them?

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Yeah they don't stay too small!!

They get very large in length but also in girth. Extremely powerful fish and very very skittish. Oh yeah eat like tanks but nothing compared to rtc.

Really these need to be kept in tanks with a large footprint even at a young age as stunting can occur.

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Update. These fish are around 50-60 cm now. I have 12 of them and one seems to be a short body. They are very active, swim at all levels of the tank alone and in schools, it's obvious why people call them irridescent sharks as they have a magical shimmer and cut through the water sleek and gracefully.

Currently in a 4m tank but I'm building a bigger one. Hoping to get them to 1.5m sizes eventually. 

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