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Hi All

Any one using the rack system from bunnings

I am currently using one myself but only for 3 tier 2.5 ft tank set up

I needs to get a 3 tier rack for 4x18x18 and wondering if anyone has used them for that size tanks

or is it risky ?

The specs sound like it will do it easy but ???

i will be using much thicker marine ply to rest the tanks on...

Any ideas of thoughts or experiences will be great


Ps anyone know a cheap rack maker and quick :) please let me know

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I must have read it wrong I thought you wanted to put three 4x18x18 tanks which full of water would weight close to 750kg.

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Yeah I am using rackit stand for 2.5ft tanks with 17 mm marine ply and an extra support no issue

but can imagine the 6ft versions bowing easy under weight

price difference very little

so pallet racking safer :)

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I use a bunnings rack for 6 x 2ff by 18in 3tier. To stop the flex I use 20mm ply and the metal wire add on you could get from bunnings on each shelves. Cost wise think I pay close to $300...

Depends on where you want to set it up, I have mine in the living room so space was an important factor. Also misses won't let me get a pallet rack inside the house lol.

But if it is for a fish room or garage, I would just go with the pallet rack. As is more hardy and can always add a bigger tank onto them without much issues :).

Biggest issue I have with the bunnigs rack is the lack of room between each shelves to work with the tanks etc, unless you got little girly arms

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