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Cloudy and not clearing


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Did a water change last weekend before heading away; tank was looking a little cloudy beforehand. Added some carbon into the filter to remove the fne cloud. Tank stayed cloudy into the next day.

Went away for 4 days, tank was on auto light timer as usual. Tank was so cloudy you almost couldn't see the background. Tested all the water parameters, normal. 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 0 nitrate. Did a water change to clear some of the debris/ cloud. No real improvement. Left the tank for another day, no improve,improvement. Debris is green (ish) , yellow (ish) and can see it clouding.

Did another major water change today; checked the filters, no clogging or debris is the foam layers. I have kept the light off for the last 32 hours in the hope that it's an algal bloom and will dissipate.

Yesterday I checked phosphate levels; 0ppm. Did an extreme gravel vac on both water changes.


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Hmmm....if its greenish its probably an algael bloom

Bloody difficult to get under control once its started, frequent water changes can make it worse...leaving the light off rarely stops it, you can wrap the tank in black plastic (and do not open for ANYTHING, dont feed the fish etc) for 5 days and this is reported to help (Ive tried it, it didnt work).

Your best bet is to use a UV steriliser...you can buy larger ones that you attached a pump to or buy a little one with a power head already attached (all in one units are terrific for smaller tanks)

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if its whitish cloudy color it will stay like that for a couple of weeks and go away .

Its a bacterial bloom you having really nothing you can do sometimes even doing water changes you feeding them fresh water to bloom more

i have had this twice on two different tanks 1 was established tank other was around 1 month old set up.

my 2c worth :)

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Got excited today. Steriliser arrived so picked it up at the post office. got it home, unwrapped and went to connect it. Grrr... inline hose connection from the Ecco pro is 12mm and the Sterliser takes 3/4" as its smallest standard fitting.

Too late to get to Bunnings today. Another day of green water before a trip to the big green shed for hose adaptors.

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