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IPB Image

How can i get the most out of these? There are two in each corner of a 10x2x2.5 . I am currently starting to plumb the tank and am trying to work out whats best for these. Would having some sort of air running in the narrow chamber give it more pull up over the weir? There are two 40mm bulkhead holes out and will be using two 3800 pumps back in .One suggestion was to have the inner chamber full of bio balls, but im not sure what sort of water level will be in that chamber.Or would having a durso standpipe in there be a better option? The clearance on the outer skin is a bit larger than 20 mm ,there are also some groves in the top of the same skin that water can flow over if the level gets to high. I plan to have taps on the returns to give some sort of control of flow. But its a bit of an unknown till know what sort of flow there will be. what is the best option to get the most function out of these??

regards mark

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