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can you use pond melafix in normal cichlid tank?


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i was just wondering if you can use pond melafix in normal african cichlid tanks is it any differnet to normal melafix?(says koi and goldfish on bottle)

I am guessing probably just more concentrated?

Any advice will be great

only reason i ask is cause nomally melafix are always in small bottles and the pond stuff you can but bigger sizes and cheaper.


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This is what I do to make my own "superfix"

Pimafix is "Bay Oil" (1% bay oil ie 1mL per 100 ml)

Melafix is "Cajeput Oil" (1% Melaleuca leucadendra)

Either oil can be used at a rate of 1 drop per 38 L (I round off to 40). (0.0017% total dose)

Using both together is "Superfix"

1. Get a water bottle and half fill it with water.

2. Put the desired number of drops of the oil(s) into the bottle.

3. Replace the cap and shake like your life depends on it.

4. Empty the bottle into the tank and rinse with tank water.

5. Rinse out the bottle with tap water, let dry and store for next time.

I have used Superfix to great effect a couple of times on fish with war wounds. Tea Tree oil can be used as an alternative. I keep a bottle of each Pure essential Oil (Bay and Cajeput Oil) in the fish room handy.


Cajeput Oil


Tea Tree Oil



(While on the topic of essential oils)

and if everythig goes pear shaped- Clove Oil


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woow nice

when you say everything goes pair shaped use clove oil ???

what do you mean by that if i cant find the other oils or you use clove oil for other treatments .Also can you make a batch and store it or best to make as you go.?

cheers and thanks for the advise people

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Clove oil in low doses is an anesthetic. It can be useful when treating large fish that you need to handle and don't want them struggling.

In high doses it knocks the fish out. Then you can slip them into a bucket of ice slurry. It is the most humane way. Like if a fish has been mangled by a bully and it is not going to last. I meant if everything went completely wrong it is handy to have around....

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Thanks for the tips Mattrox

I have clove oil but will go back and buy the other two

also back on subject sort of

I buy and use pond prime 1 drop = 6L

works out way cheaper and comes in 500 1L 2L 4L 20L bottles


Brisbane Fish Junkie

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