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Aging Water


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Hey guys, I have just sourced 2x200L barrels to help with my water changes, but I also picked up another rack that has filled the space I was going to store my barrels/water.

Since my fishroom is my study, the wife doesn't really like the idea of having two large drums sitting in the middle of the room aging water all week.

So my question is what is the benefit of aging water for a week with an airstone and prime and salts added versus filling the drums on the night before/morning of a water change and adding prime and salts then pumping into the tanks?

Is there a significant benefit in leaving the water for a week? Also, just curious as to whether adding salts and aerating water for 1 week will raise/lower ph?



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I have alot of tanks(100 odd) and need to refill my water tanks once or twice during a water change.I will fill the tanks (1500L)add prime or equivalent,wait for half an hour and then restart filling(my water supply has chloramine in it).

I do large water changes weekly (50-70%)In winter(my water tanks are outside) I refill the fish tanks half one day half the next (to avoid to marked a temperature decrease)In summer I just fill them up.

I keep some delicate fish:sand-sifters,featherfins,Cyps and Apistos(they get rainwater) they all tolerate this proceedure very well and have done for years

When I was in Melbourne (chlorine only in the water) Id just use the hose.Wayne Liebel(cichlid guru) when asked how long he ages his water for said "depends if I use the 30 ft or 50 ft hose" :lol3:

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