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7 bar or 6 bar?


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I dont keep Fronnies, but ive heard from the guy at my lfs that its common for juvie fronnies. How old is the fish in question? if its a juvenile it should come good when it grows older.

The next question is will it be a 6 or 7 bar... only time can tell

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You must have bought the fish as a 6bar frontosa and one of the bars has split into two bars making it 7bars on one side and 6bars on the other. This can also happen with a 7bar frontosa making it an 8bar on one side, Sometimes you get V bars that can look like a extra bar and as the fish grows bigger the bars get wider and will look more like a V bar. All this is quite normal as it does happen in the wild. It’s just personal preference to have straight bars and same number of bars on both sides.

And yes your fish will grow and look the way it looks now 7 on one side and 6 on the other side and it is a 6 bar frontosa.

Hope this helps cheers

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Andrew what did you buy the fish as ??

6 bar Burundi or 7 bar Kigoma

Cooder I don't think much of your LFS

if that was the line they gave you <_<

6bar Burundi can have split bars as Hopper

has noted but there were some Kigoma that

were throwing the markings you quote 6/7

but I had hope that genetic strain had been

deleted as none have been around for a while

evidently not :angry:

in the wild there is always a chance of some form

of mutation in the body pattern as there is no

control or perceived standard to breed to

in the hobby we set standards to maintain a species

to and therefore cull anything deemed not to meet

that standard be it physical of marking deformity

6.5 cm is viewed as a juvenile and at 10cm female

and approx 15cm male they are considered sub adults

post some pics of the fish as this will give a better idea

also kigoma are a more green than blue, have a more

elongated body and a cheek patch

if it's not correct to species and you want to do more than

keep it in a dispaly tank take it back and get it exchanged


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