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Home made food for African Cichlids


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I like the videos also, I think it might be easier to post them all in one thread though. It could be your dedicated video thread with a link and description in each post.

Would definately make it easier to find a video later on

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If you need to find one of his videos later, it's easy to do so by clicking on one of the links and then scrolling through his collection on youtube.

Easier to find them on youtube than on here.

We all appreciate the effort you go through, so please don't think that it's annoying anyone.

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Hi guys i have just recently started keeping african cichlids again and have just found this forum and also bolly12345's videos which i find to be both amusing and very interesting keep up the good work mate.

however all tho i have kept africans before i'm also still very new to the hobby and am still learning

so bolly12345 i have a question about your food when you feed it to your cichlids does it all get eaten?

i made up a slight deviation to it i used frozen brine shrimp, carrot, zucchini, broccoli, and garlic blended it all up and froze it in ice cubes.

but i noticed when i fed it to them that alot of it gets sucked into there mouth then they spit it out so is there something that i used that i shouldn't of or are they just fussy.

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