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Egg Spots Magazine


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I have happened across this Magazine, published in PDF format.

It seems like a great journal and covers all fish that have Egg Spots, the mouth-brooding African Ciclids. There are some great articles, including cichlid profiles.

It is available here: http://www.worldfish.de/eggspots.html

The first issue is available free. There are 5 in total so far and issue 2-5 are 1.50 euro. I downloaded them all for just over $8 aussie. A highly recommended download.

Now I have some reading material for tomorrow!

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Nice work Matt :thumb

I see that they have reclassified Labrosus to it's own

genera now Abactochromis it was Haplochromis when I had them

then went to Melanochromis not that it matters as they are lost

to the hobby out here now :cryblow: so under rated


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I think they are well worth it too. To have expert information available so cheaply is almost unbelievable. I get jealous at the fish they can keep and import directly from the wild, that we about even get imported at all.

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Fantastic find :lol4:

It seems that the weird and wondrous species shown will remain so.

(With only a handful of long distance swimmers successfully making the journey)

It shows how important is for us all to protect what we have at the moment.

PS. Did you see the size of some of the syndontis :blink



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