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All in one tanks


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Looking at buying one of those all in one tanks with built in filtration and light on a stand. Looking at a 2 ft setup. Which brands are best, I know of aqua nova, aqua one, jebo but don't know if any good.

What are good ones for fresh water and what are good ones for saltwater setups?



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I only have the aquaone 980 (210L) model and quite happy with it. Initially I considered the filtration to be below par but most of that was due to my preference of canister filters as it did turn over enough water and filter nicely when I looked at it properly. I ditched the pads at the the top and put in ceramic rings topped with filter wool and pads.

The design flaw I dont like is that you really have to take the light part of the hood completely off to vaccum and do decor properly, exascerbated by all the cords running UNDER a slot in the filter section at the top. I moved the light cord to the side but you dont get the 2 parts fitting right that way.

Just my observations on the 980, hope it helps a bit.

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For fresh water i have found Aqua One much easier to get parts for compared to most other brands

Red Sea tanks are pretty good for marine,

Aqua One also now have a copy not sure what they are like yet though, have heard reasonable reports so far.

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