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Buccochromis rhoadesii vs Buccochromis nototaeni


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Hi mate

Yours are Nototaenia. The easiest way to tell is to look at the females. Rhoadesii females have yellow around the gills and underneath. Your females are more silvery.

The difference in the males is that their nose is shorter, sort of more squashed in than a Rhoadesii's nose. The Rhoadesii's colour is more of a pastel blue than the Nototaenia which is a darker blue with more yellow/orange through its body.

How did your spawn go, any babies?

Regards, Rob

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Thanks folks...

i will look at the classified

ok....just looked

i have to aggree that the female 'yellow bit' are rhoadesii according to some literature.

i cant really see the different in the male in the classified and mine

Although mine due to camera that flash out the blue face but other than that i see no different

The one that worry me most is the

red patch behide the gill

according to some big haps keeper that Rhoadesii should not have any red at all no matter where

In male, the red patch is a tell tell sign that it is a Nototaenia

Quoted from the article:


The picture below is a good example of a male Buccochromis Nototaenia. Nototaenia have a distinctive red patch behind the gill plate. This red patch can sometimes be very large and carry on through a good portion of the fish but usually it is not much bigger than what you see in this example. A yellow tail and yellow dorsal is typical of the Nototaenia species as is the blunt shape of the snout.

full article avail below:

Buccochromis Genus. A quick quide to the whole genus.

and the picture between the two:

IPB Image

IPB Image

the story from these fish that i obtained was a length one...more on that later!

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surely you can see the difference between both fish?

Your Nototaenia are much more blue in head,green /silver body & darkness in anal fin, blunt head & grow smaller than rhoadesii.

rhoadesii are as photo lots more blue/orange/yellow , pointed head, longer finage & those fish are 20/25cm with more to grow

Both very nice fish :clap & not many around

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