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Yabbies with Malawis


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Hi Guys,

Just wondering whether anyone has kept freshwater yabbies in with mbuna and aulonocara before ?

When i say 'yabbies' i'm referring to the smaller light blue ones that only grow to around 12 - 15cms max - not marron or red claw.

Was hoping to put three or four into my 6x2x2 that i will be setting up shortly

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Hi mate

The yabbies hold their own and even shred a few cichlid tails clean off when they have their shell.

But when they malt their shell, they are a walking delicious morsel.

Regards, Rob

Hi Rob - good to hear from you again mate.

So am i correct in assuming it's not a great idea then ?

Not good for the fishes fins and then the yabbies will simply become a nutritious snack when they shed their shells anyway ?

Cheers Jay

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Yeah I tried it once and it was like some of the fish's tails had been snipped off with scissors.

The yabbies malt as they grow, and there will be a time when they won't have any shell. At that point, may aswell through in some butter and salt for the cichlids to go with their meal.

I'm sure the smaller cichlids wouldn't eat them, but they may be on the yabbie's menu instead.

I've lept those freshwater crabs aswell. They look great in the tank but its the same issue.

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Yabbies will tend to prey on your fish once the lights are out but during the day you will find that the fish will have a go at the yabbies during the moulting stage. Yabbies will also attack each other.

I suggest that if you want yabbies and have a sump, put them in your sump.

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I have kept yabbies (destructa) with goldfish both similar in size.

The yabbies cleaned the tank out of fish within 2 days and a week later they started eating each other....

I also discovered they started escaping the tank, I assume by climbing up the filter pipe. I found one dead months later 2 rooms away curled up under the stairs lol.

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cheers guys

will bail on the yabbie idea i think - no point in having a stunning display tank with half the fish missing fins etc

thanks again everyone

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