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Breeding jewel cichlids


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I have a breeding pair of hemichromis that have just laid their third bitch of eggs in 6 weeks. The first batch i put in a divider but the fry were lost to the substrate as it wasnt fine enough, took about five days to lose them all. 3 days later she laid the second batch which i moved into another tank around 1 month ago with the mother. Reintroduced her to main tank 3 days ago and she has laid eggs again i will move a number when they hatch but the rest will stay in the main tank with their parents. Also with 2 convicts, 1 small 2large and 1 xlarge bristlenose, 1 wildcaught bass, 1 blue ram, wildcaught shrimp,

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I've only ever kept these guys once and that ws about 20 years back. I kept the pair in a standard 3 footer with about 3mm gravel and some rocks. They successfully raised around 100 fry out of 4 batches which went to the lfs but eventually I had to sell them as there were only so many the shop could move on.

In with those other fish I wouldnt expect overcrowding in the tank from fry but given how good parents the jewels are they will at least have a fighting start :-).

Wouldnt mind seeing some shots of them all on the phot forum if you get a chance some very nice fish.

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Hi Falconer. Welcome to the forum.

There has been problems in that past with the bloodlines of some jewel cichlids.

They were crossed and bred in huge numbers and sold through shops and distributed before people really caught on. I hope you are lucky enough to have a pure strain.

Do you know their history and where they came from?

Maybe in a place like Grafton you could have an old bloodline that has not been tainted.

You have an interesting mix of fish and it sounds like a lively tank.

Your wild caught Bass has my interest the most.

Some of these species can get quite large and powerfull.

I would have to agree with Priscacara that some pics would be great.

Look forward to seeing you around and hopefully seeing some of your fish as well.

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