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What Malawi's to breed.


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Hi Guys,

Just want to ask people what Malawi's they would begin breeding if they started over again.

I have been in the hobby for around 3 years now and have has great success with the fry that have come from my community tank (although some have cross bred and end up becoming feeders).

I am now expanding my hobby to 9 x 2ft tanks and want to get your opinions on what you would recommend breeding.

I understand that this is quite a personal decision however I though it would be nice to get peoples opinions if they could start over what they would choose.

Saleable fish would be good because the small amount of money made from selling fry will be used to offset the cost of my hobby.

I currently have a colony of Aulonocara Lwanda and another of Aulonocara Maluana. I realise that male peacocks take time to colour up and can be difficult to move so these will probably be the only peaocks I'll breed.

At this stage I'm not interested in Tangs or Victorians.

Anyway...I'm really looking forward to all your suggestions...



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Are the 2 footers for fry or for the adults you will be breeding from?

Was hoping to use them for the adults. Max 1 male 4 females. This seems to be what they kept their colonies in at St George. Is that OK or too small?

Any advice appreciated


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3x18x18 would probably be the minimum, depending on what species you want of course.

There are a few dwarf mbuna that will be happy in these tanks, I myself keep Pseudotropheus saulosi and Pseudotropheus polit in seperate 3x18x18 tanks with plenty of rocks. I havent had any magor problems just the usual chasing.

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If you breed them put me down for a few fry :p

And 3ft as mentioned would be a minimum. Also more floor space the height if you have a chance. Fish doint tend to swim up and down if you have a tall tank.

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I have my peacocks breeding in 2x2(w)x18(h) sections of a 6x2x18's but then again each system is over 1000 litres. The smallest tank that I have malawi breeding colonies atm is in a 2x18x18. They are demasoni but they are not impressed at all The tank is so heavily rocked up they may not even know that there is another fish in the tank anyhow LOL.

It is only a short term solution until I get some 3x18x18's up and running. I have managed to get 30 or so fry out the tank so they are breeding and NOT killing each other so that is a plus for the little demons. 2' foot tanks are probably too small for most African cichlids. Dwarfs on the hand would love that setup.



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3fter is a min but 4fter much better,depends on colony size & how wide & high your tanks are.

2fters really only for a small pair or less agro fish. Most Ps males will kill the females in a tank that size.Labs can but i'd still want a 3fter min.

Pseudotropheus cyaneus ,Nice fish,I got some from up Qld about 3years ago,bred at 5cm+ nice colour from that size as well, mine were not agro at all

I sold 150+ to shops over here but you dont see many around.

Cant remember who I sold my colony to? was 9 fish 8/9cm.

There was a guy on Pet Link selling them

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