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Jewel Cichild


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Sorry to hyjack your post but I was wondering if there is any way to sex jewels without vent sexing them.

Originally I thought i had a pair, but now the ammount of aggression they show towards each other I wonder if that information was incorrect and infact i have 2 males.

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The way I sex them, which is probably incorrect but seems to work is:

females have:

a more rounded belly

a shorter head

a shorter dorsal fin

usually better coloured

usually smaller


colour later in a new environment as they prefer to establish territories and know their surroundings more than females which colour up in the bag sometimes.

Some but hopefully not all of this is wrong, biggrin.gif but it seems to work with my Hemichromis Lifalili which I've had about a dozen or so broods from and still have fry. Can be worse than convicts mad.gif

Good luck with them cool.gif

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