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How to sex melanochromis maingano

The cichlid Man

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Hi Ben

the breeder i got mine from vent sexed them , offcourse they need to be of good size to do this the other way is males tend to have darker heads at least mine have .


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one egg spot on the anal fin and others with three egg spots.

Does that determine anything.

nope, not with Maingano.

Vent sexing is possible but I can only do it reliably after they've bred in which case I've already had a chance to use the super effective, guaranteed accurate, checkin' for a mouthful of eggs technique.

When applying the standard size,colour, behaviour criteria to my colony I can correctly identify the dominant male but most of the time the next two "obvious" males are in fact females.

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Hi Ben,

One forum I visited suggested that the females have less black on their underside. I have found this to be false I have had females holding with one two or three egg spots and from very dark markings to very light. The pointed anal thing is a good guide but only once they are big enough and trust me when you are looking at 14 of these things zipping around picking the pointy anal fins is not all that easy. Beware they change their colouration with mood I though I would write down a description of each female as they held marking lighter colouration or darker and saw the same female holding turn from light to dark just to chase someone off.

Good luck


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