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Pro aqua cannister filter with UV


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G'day, I want to change the filtration on my Ar980 (approx 200L ) community tank and was thinking of trying out this cannister filter. The powerhead that came with the tank died about 6 months ago when I was remodelling the tank for the community setup. It supplied water into a top compartment via a long spray bar onto filter media and ceramic noodles and did a fairly decent job I think.

The current filtration on it is a Fluval U4, 10/12 cm sponge filter and a recent addition of a Blue Planet UVIew 9 watt UV purifier. The filtration does a good job but its 3 items using power to do the job that 1 item should be doing.

The Pro Aqua filter is rated at 1500 lph which is too much I think if it was put into the tank as per normal but if it was put along the top where the original bar was I think it would work quite well. Not sure but would extra holes for the spray also lessen the force of the water coming out? The Pro Aqua has a built in 9v UV lamp which is the same as the one I use now.


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