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tank DIY help


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i'm gonna drill some holes in my 4x2x2 footer for overflow and return.

got a beefy 3500Lph pump that will do about 3000Lph at 1.5m

does anyone have a similar setup? and if so...

what diameters are your bulkheads?

what diameters do you need to drill for that size bulkhead?

the diameter of the pump output is 15mm internal, 20mm external.

so would return best be about the same size ~15mm?

was thinking 40mm overflow diameter.

the tank is also painted blue on the back, was hoping to remove the blue paint. anyone done this before? (without scratching the glass to buggery)


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in order to flow 3000lph into your sump u would need 2 40mm bulkheads...

i have 2 25mm bulkheads in my 4x2x2 and it should flow half that

as for the paint, it should come off glass quite easily, maybe a plastic scraper?

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My old set-up flowed 4500lph through a 30mm bulk head and my current setup flows 300lph through a 30mm bulkhead. 40mm would be big enough and allow for upgrades in the future.

The hole needs to be big enough to get the bulkhead through.

A razor blade will get the paint off.

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haha, slightly conflicting views, i think i'll run 2 25mm overflows

hopefully that will do


I had 2x25mm on my 5ft tank with a 3500lph pump in my sump and it was good

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also depends on where your holes are drilled, mine are at the top each corner, so water is just 'overflowing' into them..

whereas some have holes at the bottom with weirs and standpipes that will flow more

and remember u dont want to restrict the flow of your pump it will reduce life and waste power of course.. so if the overflows cant keep up u will have to add a t-piece to your return line flowing back into sump

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I have 3x2x2 with 25mm bulks heads. Holes are obviously bigger. Mine are drilled at the top back and work fine. Use a T bulk head with a cap and a small hole drilled in the top. It will help with flow and stop gurgling.

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