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Heater in weir


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Hi all. I have a jäger 300w that won't fit in my sump. I already have an aqua one 300w in my sump, but like to have one as a backup.

As the jäger won't fit in sump, can anyone see issue having it in the weir? I have a durso stand pipe in place so even if power outage, the heater will be submerged. Just not sure about the water movement at bottom of weir. It's a 6x2x2.

I have seen an example of stand pipes having the t piece at the top of tank (like mine), but the inlet pipe going all the way to bottom of weir (mine is at the top of the 45degree elbow from t piece). I might do this to ensure water movement, but ensure water in weir and prevent the sound of a waterfall.

Yay or nay? If no good I'll have to sell a near new jäger :(

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Hi Willo

I never put heater in my wier and never see anyone does it. It doesnt has enough water in the weir to cover up the heater. I had heater in the sump, and it does the job for my tank

Maybe someone there may do different. but this is my opinion.



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I had 2x 300watt Jagers in my weir. I had a stand pipe so they're always submerged even if the pump/power is out.

I placed them on the highest water level when the pump is off. Plenty of water movement in the weir & I never had any issue. My tank is 2.5ft high.

Ideally I'd like to have them in a sump, but like you it did not fit.

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they are long arent they, i managed to squeeze 2 in my sump but only just otherwise they were going in the wier. i prefer the sump because i can see them but they are in the first compartment of a baffle type sump so the water flow is the same. i have them set 2 degrees different so one does the work and one kicks in only on really cold days.

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