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Is my tank overstoacked


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I have 32 gal or about 120 litre corner tank....2 cannister filters...eheim 2213 and a aqua one 1200

Tank Mates (as i call them)

2 x sunset gourami

3 x clown loaches

1 x 25 cm black ghost knife

2 x pictus cats (5cm)

1 x large male bristlenose

1x syndontis (dunno why type) about 10cm

5 x tetras

2 x silver sharks

sounds like a lot...thinking of getting rid of some

all tank mates seem to be happy...although im not a fish so i wouldnt know

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Personally i think your tank is over stocked, i suggest you do something about it now, get another tank and split your current tank in half, so you will have two tanks and two lots of happier fish tongue.gif

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You've got plenty of filtration so along with water changes and regular maintance the water should be fine. The tank is fairly overstocked in my opinion however it doesnt seem to be a problem yet, however the clown loaches, silver sharks and black ghost knife are only going to get bigger and will present problems. Do you have room to upgrade tank size?

Hope this helps.

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I agree with Andrea, while I dont think there are too many fish in the tank I think you have a few predatious species (those big whiskers on the pictus arent jsut for show biggrin.gif!) in there.

It should be fine though while all the fish are a similar size. If smaller ones start to go missing look to larger community fish smile.gif

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