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Today I have suffered my first big loss...

On Sunday I was feeding my fish like I usually do, put all the lids back on when I finished and went to bed, then on Monday morning I walked up to feed my fish first thing in the morning and while I was feeding them I looking down and saw my female Peppermint BN's (around 10cm in size) sitting on the concrete but to my amazement she was still breathing after like about 10hours on the concrete in the middle of the night which would have also been very cold... Anyway I picked her up and put her back in the water, but when I picked her up she was dry as a bone, so slowly during the week her fins have been fading away and today she was belly up on the bottom...

My Male and Female Peppermints where my 21st B'day present from my Girlfriend and now she is gone (the BN) sad.gif

Anyway I don't really have the money at this stage to be buying another female Peppermint BN of this size that is if anyone even has one they want to sell, but if anyone is able to help me out in anyway and might have one they want to sell please PM me with a size and price and I might be able to get the cash together hopefully...

Anyway peoples..

Hope Everyone has a safe and happy easter...


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hi shaun

sorry to hear about your loss. sadsmiley02.gif i do remember you telling me about how your gf got them for u as your bday present.

but it IS astonishing how long she survived out of water for!!! amazing!

well i wish i could help in regards to selling female peps. i'm afraid i'm keeping all of my females...sorry dude.

just wondering how did she get out? didn't u have lids on the tank?

all the best in finding one. if i do find one i will let u know!


wes sadsmiley02.gif

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