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How many time's an hour?


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I'm half was through setting up my new bank of tanks. My bank will now consist of 4 x 6’x2’x2’'s, 1 x 4’x2’x2’ and 2 x 60cmx60cmx51cm around about 3,560 litres in total. Not including the 110 litres in the sump.

I am forever forgetting, how many time’s I should turn my water over in my tanks per hour.

Is it 4 times an hour?

If so then I need either a 15,000 litre an hour pump or an 11,000 litre per hour for the bank of 6’x2’x2’'s and a 4,000 for my 4’x2’x2’ and the 2 x 60”x60”x51” tanks.

Is that right?

I like to over filter my water too.

Does anyone know of, or run, a 15,000 litre an hour pump that they find very good and quite?

Thanks in advance.

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Guest Panga

Yeah i think your right Ben

4x the tanks volume of water tongue.gif

As for pumps, im no help there as i havent used any large pumps blush.gif

Cheers Troy biggrin.gif

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Hi Guys...

I personally try for about 6 - 7 times per hour in terms of pump l/hr, that way it allows for pump up to the tanks which will reduce the pumps l/hr, etc etc... but in the end after all these things happening I go for about 5 times.

Anyway catch ya'alllll...


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Your right Ben, 4 is a minimal reccomended per hour for freshwater, 7 minimal for marine.

As Shaun pointed out you will have to take into consideration the distance between the pump and the top tank, the higher the jet goes the lower the turnover rate will be. I have a Hailea 6850 which pumps a maximum of 7000l/h. However with the distance between my sump and top of my tank the pump is only spitting out a 5800l/h turnover rate. Personally i'd go for two pumps both with about a 10,000l/h turnover each. I probably wouldnt reccomend a Hailea, damn noisy suckers! I'd go for either an Ehiem or an Ocean Runner based on experience.


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Hi Ben,

I always worked on turning water over at least 3 times per hour....I guess this figure would also be dependent upon stocking numbers. I agree that eheim or ocean runner would be the better choice of pump for your volume; the latter being considerably cheaper. Laguna would be another option, however one of the models had a recurring impellor problem (sorry I can't remember which one though).


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hi ben,

from observation of other folks large setups it appears you don't need the same sorts of turnover rate when working with that much water. Plus managing the flow rates through sumps etc becomes difficult if you try.

A 3x multiplier should be good enough.

Two bits I'd add though

. a uv filter might be a good investment with that many fish sharing the same water

. check the measurements on your last two tanks. my guess is that's meant to be centimetres not inches so they're really just 2-foot cubes not 5-foot cubes otherwise you have something like 8700 litres to filter (and your going to need a truckload of friends when it comes time to move 'em)

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