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Cleaners for african tank


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Hi peeps

just finished my 6 x 2 x2 african tank. With all the fish from my previuos post "africans fighting"

My question is what would be the best cleaners i should introduce?

Bristle nose? I have a pictus in another tank would he survive in with the africans? I know alot of people go for plecs but they are hard to come by here in nowra and are pretty dam expensive too. Anybody got any suggestions as to some good cleaner fish?



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gday rob, cant go past the old bristlenose. i once had a 6x2x2 that was absolutey covered in green and brown algae and one 7cm bristlenose cleaned it all off within a week.

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Guest Gutty
im just worried about the bristle nose geting eaten????

I wouldn't worry.......they're not that tastey laugh.gif

Seriously though, i keep a whole bunch of fish similar to what you do only in a 6x18. I have 2 small bristle nose in there, none of the Cichlids ever give them a hard time, and in the 6 or so months it's been set up i've never had to clean the glass....... tongue.gif

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Hi Rob,

I have bristlies in all of my tanks happily co existing with, amongst others, 30cm plecos, rivulatus, geos and in other tanks assorted africans. They even breed amongst them.

Give them plenty of hiding spaces and caves and they will work really hard for you.

I also have pictus in my african tanks - not ideal - but happily swimming for the last 12 or so years.

Just a note while the algae is kept under control don't starve the poor cats give them good quality spirulina pellets and wafers and fresh veges to munch on smile.gif .

Have fun.


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Go the bristlies thumbsupsmileyanim.gif . I have a big male who actually chases around my 14 cm zebra if it comes anyway near his log, it is a real hoot. LOL.gifLOL.gif . Might pay however to get a female or 2 in there as my big male was becoming lazy until I introduced a little female. At least now he cleans the tank when he feels guilty. Do fish act like their owners? As he sounds a lot like me laugh.gif


PR thumbsupsmileyanim.gif

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lol i like that !!! laugh.gif

I just returned from the local aq.shop, Think i got some bargains, bought a big bristlenose around 9cm for $20 and a 6cm for $6.00.

I threw them in the tank and they started cleaning straight away!!!

Got excited once in the shop as usuall and bought 2 frontosa's biggrin.gif

Got em for 40 bucks each but i took them some baby red devils as credit.

How many bars does a good fronty have? a average fronty have ? and a bad fronty? if ya know what i mean biggrin.gif

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Well its been a few days since i introduced the new bristle noses!! I put 4 of em in the tank and i got 4 still in there cool.gif

The cichlids pick on em a little bit and have nipped their fins abit but other than that they are fine, My 2 new frontosa have settled in well too biggrin.gif

Thanx for help peeps.

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