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Platys with Julies and other small tangs?


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Hi Guys -

A friend of mine has a 4x2x2 with mixed small tangs - julies/brichardi/ ocellatus/multis etc. I was thinking about what might make good dither fish and thought immediately of platys.

They would also add a splash of colour. Water chemistry wise they should be fine being semi brackish in nature.... does anyone have experience mixing these with small rift lake cichlids?

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Hi Yew,

Although the parameters may be ok, wouldn't it LOOK somewhat odd?

Personally, I would try a "cheaper" (if there is such a thing) Cyprichromis sp.

Sorry I can't be of any more help.


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Hi Dave,

It could be OK. I found the variatus types tougher than the maculatus ones.

I would also try mollies. They actaully prefer brackish water as many of them are coming from estuaries. I have read it somewhere that people use mollies when they setup marine tanks.

Lyretail mollies and swordtails would be nice additions to the brichardies rolleyes.gif

Some people keep guppies with their tangs to produce live food.

My only worry would be the sensitiveness of the tropical fishes to injuries from their cichlid tankmates. Cichlids can rip each other's fins and not be effected by it, but the same injury could lead to death with the tropicals.

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Hi Roland -

Yes, injuries were my main concern. That's why I thought platys as they were faster than mollies and have less "trailing" finnage.

Others -

Cyps aren't an option as this person doesnt like them much sadsmiley02.gif. I am also not particularly concerned with creating a "biotype"... just curious as to whether anyone has tried this.

Cheers -

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I have had mollies live with young electric yellows and venustus, until the venustus got enough size on them to bite them in 2 laugh.gif

The mollies did fine, never noticed any injuries, always competed well for food etc. I would say cohabiting with venustus would have been a bit more dangerous than Tang dwarves and shellies.

I did notice that male mollies tend to not be as resiliant as females. They seem much weaker to me. I have read that the males are just not as adaptable to a lower salt environment as females, but not sure if that is accurate.

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