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Water storage tanks


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hey all, when i get back from overseas i've got in mind a 10-15,000ltr system and with this amount of water it means big water storage tanks.

i've been looking around over the last couple of days and have come up with a few solutions and thoughts.

i would like the tanks to be kept in my fish room so that they can be heated in an insulated room but i need the tanks to fit throught a standard door way, so this really narrows things down.

i found a 2000ltr tank that will fit through a doorway and that is worth $1050

atm thats the only option i've got, so i was after your thoughts and idea's:)

i also want to make it as simple as possible, i want to be able to mix all the conditioners in the storage tanks before adding the water to the fish tanks.

what are you all using for water storage?

how many litres would i need to keep stored for a 15,000ltr system?

and how do you think i should go about it?

thanx in advance James biggrin.gif

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Can’t help you in regards to really large storage tanks. The biggest I know about is 1000L, though Anita is selling one of these at the moment.

But in regards to how much water you need to store for water changes. You basically need to be looking at 1/3. However, you may not need that much if you do water changes on different days of the week. To my way of thinking if you did water changes on say 5000 l a time, that will mean you could get away with a couple of 1000 l (1666.666L) containers, but it will also mean you will not be able to do all the water changes on one day of the week.

If you could get 5000l of water for water changes, it would simplify your work for you, but that will probably be very subjective.


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