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Fish Stress


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Hi GreekStylez,

There are many contributing factors involved in fish stress:

1. Poor water quality (pH, kH, contaminants etc.)

2. Dominant fish

3. Unsuitable decor

4. Lack of hiding places

5. Unsuitable substrate colour/type

6. Outside influences (cats, dogs, children, quick or sudden movement)

7. Electrical current in the tank

8. Poor/inadequate food

9. Illness

10. Inappropriate lighting (too bright)

11. Temperature too high/low

12. Parasites

13. Insufficient oxygen

14. Water flow too rigorous

15. A bad reaction to medication

Fish will often show stress by:

1. Becoming shy or reclusive

2. Not coming out for food

3. Gasping at the surface

4. Scratching, twitching, swimming with a jerking motion

5. Have torn fins or body blemishes

6. Have either pale or accentuated colouring

7. Suffer weight loss

8. Show opaque or cloudy eyes

9. Have trouble with bouyancy

These lists are by all means not finite.



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