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Submersible pumps: the problems with them


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Well as the title suggest this is what problems I've had with submersible pumps over the last ten years that I've used them and eventually broken them smile.gif

The pumps:


Hozelock 300 2nd hand from dealer:

First sub pump I ever owned, was the fountain/circulating pump for a 200L fibreglass goldfish pond.


Needed new Impeller 1year (high cost of hozelock impeller $20 for a $60 pump)

Needed new shaft(metal worn away $5)

Eventually stopped working(Motor blown $50 to fix)


German brand can't remember name now

2000L model

Stopped working after 3 months frozen motor

was returned and replaced with new one, also only lasted 4months


Was upgraded to 3000L model after 2nd 200L model froze

Intermitant pumping, freezes at times. Clogs quickly

Now used to do water changes.


Hailada Sump pump

Lasted 4 years

Clogs quickly but powerful pumping.

Almost impossible to remove cover.

Broken shaft and impeller No spare parts available


Resun 2000L power head

Rattling from impeller

Loose cover

Anyone else had similar problems let me know okay?

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